Tips On Removing Age spots Naturally!

There are some natural ways to remove age spots.

Aloe vera is one of them.When aloe vera is applied to the affected areas twice a day and if left on the skin for atleast 5 minutes it stars affecting age spots and within a month one can get age spots removed.Aloe vera is available in gel form or juice.

Lemon is also a natural cure for age spots.The acid in lemon juice is responsible for fading of age spots.Fresh lemon juice when directly applied on the spots and kept for thirty minutes starts acting on them.Lemon juice should be applied twice a day .One can also leave lemon juice on the skin overnight if the person is comfortable
with it.

If the person is going outdoors care should be taken that the juice gets dry as it might increase the skins sensitivity to sunlight.

When apple cider vinegar is mixed with onion juice or orange juice and applied to the affected area the age spots starts fading.In this procedure,the onion is finely choped and a strainer or cheese cloth is used to extract juice .

Apple cidear vinegar  and onion juice is mixed in equal  proportions and by using cotton pad the solution is appliedon the spots and left for thirty minutes.Repeat this procedure for six weeks and one can find that the age spots fades away gradually.To completely remove the age spots one can continue this procedure for some more time and can get the results.

One can also mix three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in to mug of water and drink it twice a day for fast results.

Apple cidear vinegar can also b e combined with orange juice by mixing two teaspons of apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of orange juice .By using  a cloth or a cotton pad the solution can be applied to the affected areas and the results can be obtained.

When castor oil is applied in to the age spots directly,it starts fading.One can also rub castor oil well in to the age spots ,twice a day and can get rid of them.

The lactic acid and other ingredients in the milk make buttermilk a natural remedy for age spots.One can dab buttermilk in to the age spots and get the desired results.

When fresh or canned chickpeas is mashed in to onethird cup and some water is added a paste is formed.This paste is left on the age spots till it dries.After it dries the
area is cleaned with water.This has a fading effect on the age spots.

The mixture of one teaspoon grated horseradish root,half teaspoon fresh lemon juice,half teaspoon vinegar and three drops rosemary essential oil is a natural remedy for age spots.

Juice extracted from garlic pods is very effective for age spots.

Another effective natural remedy for age spots is sandalwood paste. A paste is made by mixing sandalwood powder ,lemon juice, cucumber juice and tomato juice.This paste is applied to the skin left as it is till it dries .Then it washed with lukewarm water.This will eliminate age spots.


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