Tips to Help You Get Rid of Age Spots Quickly & Easily

1. Bleaching Treatment:

Many people prefer to use bleach to treat the affected area. Some try the old fashioned beauty fade creams, but care should be taken whule going out in harsh sunlight as it may result in reappearance of age spots.Hydroquinolone creams fade age spots quickly and are suggested for fair skined individuals.These creams should be avoided by dark skinned individuals as the age spots may occur with usage.

2. Laser Treatment:

This is another sure and quick way to remove age spots. In two or more sessions age spots fade and eventually are removed. Numbner of sessions required depends on
the location of the age spots and its numbers. But laser treatments are expensive and cost may vary from 700 – 5000 dollars.

3. Cryosurgery:

This is a very effective an quality treatment for age spots removal. In this treatment a freezing agent is directly applied to the skin by spraying or by a swab. Thus the abnormal skin cells are destroyed and removed through freezing. This is a very quick and easy treamnet and has little or no side effects. It cost varies from $300 – 2000.

4. Chemical Peels:

Here chemical solutions are applied on the affected area of the skin. The depth of peeling depends on the type of chemical used and the method of application. This
is a quick treatment with some side effects like skin irritation. This is a costly treatment and costs 600 – 900 dollars.

5. Microdermabrasion:

This a very fast and effective procedure. In microdermabrasion, a number of treatments are available which rejenuvate the top layers of the skin. Here creams are applied to the age spots which contain crystal and harsh particals. These creams when applied to the affected area scrub the old skinĀ  and help clear affected areas. This treatment too like laser treatment can be expensive.

6. Alpha Hydroxy Acid:

Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a mild natural acid derived from sugarcane, fruits and milk. Glycolic acid derived from sugarcane loosens old dead cells and replaces
them with the new fresh skin underneath. Thus one gets rid of age spots by exfoliating superficial pigmentation.

7. Medicines:

By taking medicines one can get rid of age spots. Homeopathy cures can also be used for sensitive skins instead of harsh treatments. Some vitamins supplements like vitamin C, E, Zinc senelium, Beta Carotene and Potassium also help eliminate age spots.

8. Natural Remedies:

There are various natural remedies by which one can cure age spots. A few are as follows:

A. A mixture of apple cider vinegar and onion or orange juice.

B. Aloe Vera gel or fresh juice can also be used which is a natural healer.

C. Lemon juice which increases the skin sensitivity to sunlight is also a good cure to help fade age spots.

D. Direct application of Castor oil to affected area can help reduce age spots.

E. Bilberry herbs which is a natural antioxidant also helps cure age spots.

F. Paste made from water and mashed chic peas also helps reduce age spots.

G. Mixture of grated horseradish root, lemon juice, vinegar and rosemary essential oil also make a great cure for age spots.

H. Lactic acid in buttermilk helps reduce age spots. Also a mixture of buttermilk and lemon essential oil can be used.

I. Paste of sandalwood powder, lemon juice, cucumber juice and tomato juice when applied regulary can helpĀ  reduce age spots.

J. Application of red onion juice or ginger juice can help get rid of age spots.

K. Milk and yogurt are also effective in getting rid of age spots. Lactic acid in these products react with the skin and help generate new skin.


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